Palm Products

Palm oils tree is the richest natural resources in the world. Most of them are comes from Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The tree will bear fresh fruit bunches. Palm fruits are harvested and transport to mill for processing.

Crude Palm Oil

Crude palm oil is first extracted from the pulp of palm fruits. It is the raw unprocessed oil. It is deep orange red in colour. It can be either refined into Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD) Palm Oil or refined and distilled into other oleo chemicals. RBD Palm Oil can be further become RBD Palm Olein and RBD Palm Stearin under fractionation. Thus, several kinds of products can be produced, from food, like cooking oil and margarines to non-food applications, like soaps manufacture, and even used as biofuel.

Palm Kernel Oil

Palm kernel inside the fruits is crushed to extract the Crude Palm Kernel Oil. Under similar process as Crude Palm Oil, it can be either refined in RBD Palm Kernel Oil or refined and distilled into other oleo chemicals, or refined and under fractionation into RBD Palm Kernel Olein and RBD Palm Kernel Stearin. Accordingly, different products can be produced, from food, like confectionery and ice cream to non-food applications, like soaps formulas and detergent.

The remaining palm kernel expeller with fibre and minerals will be used as animal feed.

With the variety of applications, both the domestic and international consumption raised continuously. The price of crude palm oil will fluctuated occasionally due to the supply of competing vegetable oils, government import or export policies implementation or changes of weather. We have confidence to offer the best price to our valuable customers.

We also willing to trade the palm oil products with Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. It means the palm oil production process is sustainable, without causing harm to the environment and society. As RSPO represents the largest, independent, third-party standard on the sustainable palm oil production, the acceptability of certification is quite universal. We always aims to propose products with high quality and environmentally friendly to our honourable client.

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